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Our clients experience a dedicated business advisory service where we strive to understand your strengths, vulnerabilities and opportunities to help you determine how to positively react to today’s challenges. We pull together a wide array of professionals to deliver a first class service subject to your unique requirements.

Our culture is simply to serve and build with our clients using a proactive system based on flexibility, quality and integrity.

Furthermore, our leading edge technical and industry knowledge enables us to proactively support and bring real value to your business wherever we can.

In all, we take a pragmatic and personalised approach to client affairs to ensure your business and financial well-being runs smoothly and profitably.


Our areas of expertise include but is not limited to:

  • Advisory Services
  • Project Finance Oil & Gas
  • Digital Transformation
  • Property management
  • Investment & Strategic Analysis
  • Estate planning
  • Wealth Management
  • Funds sourcing
  • Property acquisition
  • Property finance

Advisory Services

We’ll help you design your compliance effort to focus on the assets, data, technology, processes and people that matter most, making your security match your ambition, you’ll keep the cost under control.

As well as helping you become compliant, we’ll make sure you stay that way by making compliance part of business as usual. We can work with you to prepare you for audits or run them ourselves.

We can also test your systems and processes to check your people are doing all they can to curb cyber security risk, and that they’d respond in the right way to incidents. Our training can then fill any capability gaps we spot.

  • KJO can provide subject matter experts required for delivering oil & gas projects, such as: geoscientists; technical project managers; and specialist accountancy services
  • Our Energy Financial Services team provides a wide range of financial, investing and structuring solutions on core business activities within the oil and gas sector spanning from exploration to the production of oil and gas assets and renewable energy. We provide a tailored, structured packaged solution that help you achieve your capital needs for growth where our core includes but not limited to sourcing and supplying the relevant professionals to execute your set objectives.

Digital Transformation

Despite a growing number of ways to reach audience, engaging them has never been more challenging. A digital strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve business goals via the implementation of digital technologies.

With years of experience, our digital and media team can help you identify growth opportunities, achieve deeper customer engagement. You know your business and we will work with you to develop the technological framework you need to get out in front of your field.

Property Management

Whether you own a multi-asset portfolio of commercial properties or a buy-to-let investment, our experienced property management team provides advice and pro-active support to landlords, property owners and investors encompassing a range of on-going activities including income management, lease compliance and asset maintenance.


Investment & Strategic Analysis

What we can do for you

With our expert support, you can be confident your investment cases will stand the closest scrutiny. Our clear analysis helps you create business cases that convince stakeholders, including shareholders and regulators, so you can move forward with strategic plans.

We’ll bring you consultants who really understand your sector. Our sector knowledge makes our strategic analysis faster, richer and more relevant. We can help you:


Develop robust business plans and business cases 

  • Our extensive experience extends from government bodies following specific guidance to small businesses getting started with formal business planning.

Evaluate strategic analysis

  • We help you understand how different strategic choices are likely to play out, and put an accurate number on the costs and benefits associated with each option.

Estate Planning – Passing On/ Receiving Wealth

Passing on wealth

Decisions that you make about your finances now can have a profound effect on your loved ones later. That’s why it’s important to carefully plan your estate.

We take great care to get it right and ease the burden on your loved ones, We help ensure that your wealth ends up right where you want it, the way you want it to.

In whatever way you and your family choose to work with us, we can take care of all or any part of your estate administration needs, covering assets from anywhere in the world.

These will include but not limited to:

Protect your finances for your loved ones

Reducing the inheritance tax payable by beneficiaries

Relief in making sure your will is protected from any legal challenges

Receiving Wealth

If someone’s thought enough of you to leave you an inheritance, it’s important to make decisions you feel comfortable with. We can provide advice and guidance about what you might do next

Wealth Management

Growth investing is one of several specific investment strategies designed to fulfil certain needs. This strategy aims to build your
wealth over time and helps to maximise your options.

Looking to build up a substantial retirement pot, buy a second home, or pay for the best education for your loved ones, then you
might want to consider investing in a growth portfolio.

Once our team understands your needs, including your timeframes, the amount of risk that you are comfortable with,
we will tailor your investment portfolio to meet these objectives.

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